Contraceptive methods


We are glad to be of assistance with our experience if counseling, treatment or support is needed. In so doing we combine modern medicine with human care.
We will also gladly give you thorough information on all available contraceptive methods and guide you to the appropriate personal decision as to a method. Your physical and mental well being is our common interest.

We offer in the field of family planning:

  • Advice and counseling on contraceptive methods to prevent unwanted pregnancies
  • The emergency contraceptive pill (prevents pregnancy after unprotected intercourse)
    find more information at: and or in German:
  • Pregnancy test or medical examination in case of a suspected pregnancy
  • Insertion and removal of IUD or the implant Implanon

For counseling and treatments we would kindly ask you to appoint a date by phone:
Monday to Friday 9 am-5 pm

Gynmed Hotline Vienna: +43 699 178 178 00
Gynmed Hotline Salzburg: +43 699 178 178 05

You find more information about the various contraceptive methods at the following links:

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