Frequently asked Questions

Can I still have children?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions, because of the still-prevalent myth that a woman cannot become pregnant again after an abortion. There are no known negative effects on later fertility. In fact, women can become pregnant again immediately after the termination.

Will the termination be carried out anonymously?

For most women the protection of their anonymity is extremely important. We are aware of this aspect and pay special attention to protect all data, including your personal information.

How much experience is there so far?

Mifegyne® in combination with Prostaglandin has been used in France since October 1988. Further, it has been licensed in England since 1991 and in Sweden since 1992. More than 2 million women in Europe have been treated so far. There is extensive experience with its use, and its safety and efficacy is very well-documented.

I’m worried the treatment won’t work.

Some women fear that a medical abortion will not work for them. This fear relates less to the actual medical process than to the illusion that their body is not "normal" and that the treatment will not work in their case. However, medical abortion has a very high efficacy of 95-98%. This is far more than most other medical treatments.

I’m afraid of pain.

Fear of pain is understandable. Many women experience lower abdominal pain, usually after taking Prostaglandin. But available pain killers are highly effective and should be best taken together with the prostaglandins. But there are also some women who do not experience any pain.

What is the best method? "What would you choose?"

There is no best method, and also no worst method. All methods are highly effective and there is ample experience with all of them. The decision is always up to the woman herself, taken in the context of her own situation and preferences.

What are the advantages?

The major advantage in medical abortion is that the termination can be carried out very early in gestation and no operation is necessary. The advantage of surgical abortion is that it is done very quickly without much pain or bleeding.

What is the natural method?

Medical abortion is perceived by many women as "more natural" because it resembles a spontaneous abortion, or miscarriage. (In fact, the clinical picture and the course of medical abortion are indistinguishable from a miscarriage.)

What does it cost? Do I have to pay again if a backup curettage is necessary?

We offer all methods for the same price. If a follow-up curettage is needed, women do not have to pay again.