Clinic for Abortion and Family Planning

An abortion allows a woman to go on with her life, and continue fulfilling her responsibility to herself, to her family and children, and to society.

P. Lunneborg, 1992

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Our Principles

An unwanted pregnancy is a common occurrence in the life of a woman, but it can come by surprise and catch one off guard. In some situations, women know very quickly what to do. In others, the decision is very difficult, and women may need time and discussion with trusted people.

If you’re having an abortion, it is important that you’ve made your own decision and that you’re convinced it’s the best decision under the given circumstances.

An examination by a gynecologist or consultation with a counselling center can be helpful. However, these aren’t compulsory in Austria and are not prerequisites for having an abortion.


Calculate Pregnancy

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Counselling & methods

If you need help making a decision, we will be glad to be of assistance. With our experience in counselling, treatment and support, we combine modern medicine with human care.

Your physical and mental well-being is our mutual interest.

Even if you come from another country, you’re welcome to make use of all our treatments and consultations. Once you’ve decided to have an abortion, three options are available to you.


Medical Abortion with Mifepristone (Mifegyne)®

Up to the 9th week of pregenancy

Mifepristone is a drug that selectively inhibits the function of progesterone. By taking Mifepristone, a pregnancy is terminated in a similar manner as an early miscarriage.


Packaging abortion pill Mifegyne Mifepristone (Mifegyne)®

Mifegyne®/Mifepristone is highly effective throughout pregnancy. But another hormone, a prostaglandin, must be taken two days after Mifepristone to induce contractions of the uterus and assure expulsion of the gestational sac. If you wish to see the gestational sac, you’ll need to look closely at your pad or into the lavatory.


Surgical abortion

Up to the 14th week of pregnancy

You will receive local anaesthesia for your cervix; which will feel like 2 or 3 small pricks. As soon as the anaesthesia is working, the gynecologist will gently dilate the cervix a couple of millimeters in order to insert a small plastic tube into the uterus. The pregnancy and the uterine mucous membrane are removed by aspiration via this tube. At the end, an ultrasound examination is done via the abdominal wall to ensure that the uterus is empty. The procedure only takes a couple of minutes in all.


Important to know



If you have decided to terminate your pregnancy, you should consider these points:

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In Austria, the costs of abortion are not covered by medical insurance, as they are in all other countries in Western Europe. For an abortion we charge and at no extra cost:


These prices remain the same regardless of the chosen method of abortion, and there are no additional costs.

The Gynmed Clinic Vienna has an ATM for payment.

Included in the cost of an abortion...

  • Counseling regarding the unwanted pregnancy
  • Counseling to find the most suitable method for you
  • Gynecological examination and medical counseling/li>
  • All tablets for the medical abortion or
  • The surgery including anesthesia (general or local)
  • Determination of blood group, and the so-called rhesus injection if needed
  • Aftercare

The clinic

and how to find us

Gynmed Clinic Vienna

The Gynmed Clinic is headed by Dr. Christian Fiala, MD, PhD and Specialist in Obstetrics and Gynaecology. The team consists of several male and female doctors (all specialists in Obstetrics and Gynaecology or in Anaesthesia), nurses, counsellors and psychologists.

All have extensive experience in the care and treatment of women with an unwanted pregnancy.

Medical abortion was introduced in Austria by our team in January 1999 and has been available at our clinic since then.

Gynmed Clinic Vienna

Map Gynmed Clinic Vienna near Westbahnhof

Mariahilfergürtel 37, 1150 Vienna

To obtain treatment, we ask you to please make an appointment by telephone:

+43 699 178 178 00

Our Clinic is very close to the Westbahnhof train station. When leaving the station, turn right, cross the outer Mariahilferstraße, and walk down the Mariahilfergürtel. The clinic is in the second building on the right-hand side.

Salzburg: Gynmed Clinic at the Salzburg Regional Hospital

Map Gynmed Clinic at the Salzburg Regional Hospital

Müllner Hauptstr. 48, 5020 Salzburg

To obtain treatment, we ask you to please make an appointment by telephone:

+43 699 178 178 05

Building I, entrance I4, behind the pharmacy
Inside the hospital, please look for the signposts to 'Gynmed Ambulanz'

Here is a map:

Contraceptive methods


In the field of contraception we offer

  • Counseling on different methods
  • Insertion and removal of a hormonal IUD. (Only with a referral from your gynecologist)
  • Insertion and removal of the implant Implanon. (Only with a referral from your gynecologist)
  • Diaphragm fitting
  • The emergency contraceptive pill (prevents pregnancy after unprotected intercourse)
  • Pregnancy test or medical examination in case of a suspected pregnancy