About the Gynmed Clinic

The Gynmed Clinic in Vienna was founded in 2003 by gynecologist DDr. Christian Fiala (MD, Ph.D) and a dedicated team of experts. From the outset, the clinic introduced the highest quality of medical standards into this ideologically contested field of medicine. Medical procedures are constantly being improved and implemented. For example, Gynmed team members have been using medical abortion since 1999 in Austria as a patient-friendly alternative to surgical procedures. The focus is always on the needs of women in a difficult situation.

The website contains all the information that women need, in ten languages. In 2005, a second Gynmed Clinic opened as part of the University Hospital in Salzburg. Gynmed is committed to improving its family planning services and its treatment of women with an unintended pregnancy. It is now one of the most modern outpatient clinics for abortion and family planning in Europe. Christian Fiala also operates the Vienna Museum of Contraception and Abortion, which was awarded the 2010 Kenneth Hudson Museum Prize and is visited every year by hundreds of school classes. For many schools, the museum has become an indispensable contribution to sex education and prevention of unwanted pregnancies.

Gynmed Clinic Vienna
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