Our Principles

An unwanted pregnancy is a frequent occurrence in the life of a woman which comes by surprise and catches one off guard. In some situations women know very quickly how to decide. In others the decision is very difficult, may need time and discussion with trusted people. Counseling with a professional information center can be helpful and show what consequences a decision either way may entail.

If help is needed in making an individual decision we will be glad to be of assistance.

The three methods of abortion

If you have already made the decision for a abortion, three methods are available:

There is sufficient experience with all methods. All are safe, highly effective, have few side effects and complications are very rare. No method is better than the others. They differ in the details and procedures. Due to this it is very important that you are thoroughly informed on each method, as this will help you to make the appropriate personal choice.

Further information can be found in the section methods.

The correct method of contraception

We will also gladly give you thorough information on all available contraceptive methods and guide you to the appropriate personal decision as to a method. Further information on various contraceptive methods contraceptive methods can be found on our link page.

We are glad to be of assistance with our experience if counseling, treatment or support is needed. In so doing we combine modern medicine with human care.

Your physical and mental well being is in our common interest.

The Gynmed clinic offers medical assistance, psychological support and respect for unwanted pregnancy